Chepov Domestic Agency


      It is with my pleasure to share our experience knowing and working with Chepov Domestic agency.
Since i was in junior high school and my sister was in high school, our mom started to work with Tamara and her wonderful team. No matter how many different babysitters or housekeepers my mom interviewed and tried, Chepov Agency was always patient and never rushed or pushed her to make a decision. Tamara always did her best and we want to thank her for this.
When we grew up and had our own family, i have 4 children ages 8-15. My sister has 3 children, ages 10-18. We still depend on Tamara to meet our needs. She is like a mom for us because she always knows what we need. She is honest, committed and concerned about her clients. 
      We always recommended her to our friends, which they always thanks us.
      If you search for any domestic help, you are in the best hands with Chepov Domestic Agency.

E. Rodman
L. Ross
Highland Park, Il

     For the past 18 years, my family relied on the judgement, commitment, and talented group of housekeepers and nannies that Tamara Chepov presented from her agency. Mrs. Chepov always found the perfect person to work in our home. She always made sure we were completely satisfied  with our choice and that housekeeper was equally pleased with her new job. Because of Mrs. Chepov's expert matchmaking abilities, i never had to use another domestic agency.
     I highly recommend that you place you place your trust in Tamara Chepov and her talented team.

A. Morgan
Oak Brook, Il

      It is with great pleasure that i recommend the Chepov Domestic Agency.
Over the past seven years i have worked with Tamara to find multiple helpers in our home. without a doubt, i have always found the best service from the Chepov Agency. we have had the opportunity to hire several wonderful nannies and housekeepers through Tamara. On every occasion, Tamara has brought qualified, interested, and hard working candidates for us to interview. Unlike other agencies, she is fast and quick to understand your personal needs. Tamara is honest and i have always felt that she has had our families'best interest at heart. Furthermore, the Chepov Agency has terrific follow up and are willing to be patient in working with families making difficult hiring decisions. By all means, we will continue using the Chepov Agency in the future and would recommend that you utilize their services for all of your household needs. 
      We have always been very pleased!

C. Theis
Lake Forest, Il

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